ARPEGECurrently selected. ARPEGE is the global forecast model of the French weather service (Meteo France). It is runs with a maximum resolution of approx. 7 km in Europe and mean global grid spacing of 15 km. WZ offers forecasts up to 102 hours.
GFSThe selected variable and region is available, but not for 2018-03-27, 12:00. You will switch back to the first available time step.GFS is the global weather forecast model of the US weather service run at an internal resolution of 28 km. It offers a plethora of parameters for the next 15 days. Updated 4 times a day up to 384 hours ahead. The runs for the 0, 6, 12 and 18Z runs are usually coming in from 3:30, 9:30, 15:30 and 21:30 UTC, respectively.
0Tue 27 Mar 12:00
6Tue 27 Mar 18:00
12Wed 28 Mar 00:00
18Wed 28 Mar 06:00
24Wed 28 Mar 12:00
Run: Interval

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